Hoe ga ik te werk?

Je kan je verhaal bij mij doen in het Nederlands, Engels of Spaans. Daarnaast begrijp ik ook Papiamentu. Het intakegesprek kost $60 en is volledig vrijblijvend. Mocht jij hierna beslissen verder te gaan, hoef je het intakegesprek niet te betalen.


The first step is making an appointment. You can do this by phone, via WhatsApp or via the contact form.

Our first session is an intake. This is an exploratory conversation to help us get to know each other. I will listen to your story, your worries and your thoughts on the issues. How do you feel? What are you struggling with? What would you like to change? Together we will determine what the therapy should focus on and what your goals are. We will draw up a treatment plan accordingly, so you know every step of the journey.

Online en face-to-face sessies

What is most important about a session is that you feel heard, always. Therapeutic work can only take place if you feel like you can trust me. I always try to make you feel safe and comfortable with me. Moreover, as a therapist I am bound by confidentiality. Everything you tell me is safe with me and will never leave the walls of my practice.

A therapy session takes about 45 minutes. There is no set plan for a session, it all depends on your needs at that moment. The goal of my coaching is helping you reach a solution, but the sessions can also be used to just talk and vent about what is bothering you. Of course I will still try to help you by giving you tools and techniques to handle those feelings in a healthy way. And no worries: you do not need to lie on a couch and tell me all of your deepest, darkest traumas in the very first session. We will work towards deeper conversations together and only when you feel ready.

You can visit me in real life but sessions can also be held online if you feel more comfortable with that. If at one point you do not feel the need for long face-to-face sessions anymore, it is also perfectly possible to schedule short consults by phone once in a while, as a sort of check-up or to ask my advice. You are in control of your own journey.

How long a journey takes is different for everyone. It depends on your story, issues, needs, and goals. Sometimes I can make an estimated guess during the intake sessions, but it might take several sessions for us to determine how many it will take.

A therapy session costs 60 dollars excluding ABB. Payment is in cash at the end of each session or by invoice.