Relatie met anderen

Je kan bij mij terecht met zorgen over een specifieke relatie in jouw leven. Omdat de verbindingen met anderen vaak een belangrijk deel van ons leven uitmaken, kan een verstoorde relatie een enorme impact op jouw welzijn hebben. Daar kan ik een rol in nemen in de vorm van mediation.

Hoe gaan we te werk?

During therapy, we will try to find your recurring patterns. Everyone has a different way of handling situations and usually you are not even aware of yours. These patterns are at the center of your struggles. Together, we will uncover your coping mechanisms. Different coping mechanisms might cause conflict in our relationship with others.

Soorten bemiddeling

I can coach you through different types of mediation:

Arguing is a normal part of every family, but what if your conflicts tend to escalate, if the fights start to impact the vibe at home, or if normal ways of communication have become impossible? You can bring back peace in your family through mediation. I can coach you if you feel stuck in your communication or overall parenting to help you start up a conversation and set healthy boundaries again. This can be achieved through game therapy in young children.

Romantic relationships are never a walk in the park. There will always be ups and downs. But when you notice you are fighting a lot more than before, you are drifting apart or lack trust in each other. This can cause serious problems. You can strengthen your relationship through mediation or try to make a separation or divorce as peaceful as possible.

In any business, conflicts can arise between co-workers or between employer and employee. There might also be issues because of changes within the company. Has it become too big for you to handle? Is it impacting the quality of work? As a neutral intermediary, I can help resolve issues and conflicts in any professional environment.